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T50 Turbine Air Starters

TDI T50 air starters offer the most power and torque per unit of air and represent the lightest air starter in its class, weighing as little as 34 lb. TDI T50 pre-engaged and inertia-engaged air starters are also very versatile. These mid-size starters are designed for a wide variety of engines, including those that run on diesel and gas. This product features modular construction with serviceable parts, which enables options for low cost overhaul. Conveniently, installation requires only a starter relay valve and operation within starter recommended maximum pressure.

Torque range: 80 to 240 lb-ft (108 to 325 Nm)

Typical applications include: Diesel and gas engines up to 80 liters such as Caterpillar 3500 series, Cummins KTA50 and QSK45, and Detroit Diesel 16V4000