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T30 Turbine Air Starters

The T30 can impressively generate up to 25% more stall torque than other starters in its class. Its highly efficient twin-turbine motor design is able to give gives you more cranking power with less air. This capability enables faster starts, adding to the overall performance of the product. The T30 uses aerodynamics to control motor speed, which contrasts other starters that may require a mechanical automatic trip valve (ATV). This gives you total control over the start cycle. For this product, the gear train and bearings require no maintenance because they are grease-packed as a part of initial production. This solution is designed to last for the life of the starter. There are no rubbing parts included in the product design, so there is no external lubrication required. This air starter is available in a pre-engaged or inertia-engaged model.

Torque range: 24 to 135 lb-ft (32 to 183 Nm)

Typical applications include: Diesel and gas engines up to 20 liters such as Cummins 6BT5.9