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PS-24 and PS-90 Power Supply for Clutches and Brakes

Complete control is the goal of any operation utilizing brakes and clutches. MAGPOWR’s PS-24 & PS-90 Power Supplies provide a small amount of reverse current circuitry as a standard feature to minimize the drag torque of a clutch/brake, allowing greater controllability in the lowest torque range.

These power supply units control any size MAGPOWR clutch or brake with optimum resolution. MAGPOWR’s current-regulated power supplies are used for the control of magnetic particle clutches and brakes in unwind, rewind, or intermediate tension control applications. With selectable current ranges, these compact enclosures can be mounted inside the machine cabinet, allowing your operator to adjust torque through a remotely mounted potentiometer or with a 0 to 10 vdc control signal from MAGPOWR Open Loop and Closed Loop controllers, or any control device like a computer or PLC.