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Flanged Sleeve Gear Couplings

Clutch Engineering offers Lovejoy flanged sleeve gear couplings that feature the patented Vari-Crown tooth form. These flanged sleeve gear couplings can be used effectively in horizontal or vertical applications and they also deliver minimum backlash. Exposed and shrouded bolt models are available to meet the needs of your systems. The specialized Vari-Crown tooth form leads to long life in the coupling, which improves your bottom line by supporting longer machine uptime and less maintenance costs. The F Type coupling is made of two flex hubs, two sleeves and one accessory kit. This advanced coupling is supplied with exposed bolts as standard. Shrouded bolts are available upon request through size 5.5.

Torque range: 7,600 to 1,827,000 lb-in (850 to 206,400 Nm)
Typical applications: Steel mills, paper mills, pumps, logging machinery