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Continuous Sleeve Gear Couplings

Clutch Engineering offers Lovejoy continuous sleeve couplings for use with industrial applications such as mills, pumps, and many other machinery use cases. These products are are simple and highly-compatible with applications requiring horizontal and vertical orientation. They are also affordable, to support your bottom line as you install and enhance critical machinery. The patented BUNA N seal design keeps lubricant in and contaminants out. Standard C type couplings are available, as well as special variations such as mill motor, floating shaft, drop-out spacer, and shear pin types. Designs are appropriate for many applications that include full-flex, flex-rigid, mill-motor, disengagement, sliding hubs, shear pin, floating shaft, and spacers.

Torque range: 2,500 to 2,520,000 lb-in (300 to 284,700 Nm)
Typical applications: Steel mills, paper mills, pumps, logging machinery