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Clutch Engineering provides Nexen products and specializes in the distribution of industrial power transmission products. We are proud to feature tension brakes, spring engaged rotary brakes, tooth clutches and torque limiters from Nexen. Our knowledgeable staff can provide insight and technical support.

As a leading manufacturer of precision motion control components, power transmission and web tension control products, Nexen works to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge engineering and production excellence.

Extremely reliable Nexen products are hard at work in key industries including aerospace, robotics, medical machine tool, automotive, factory automation, packaging and material handling. Clutch Engineering can provide a dependable, long-lasting solution for even the most demanding applications.

XTB Tension Control Brakes

Unlike other brake designs that can direct heat back into the brake, shaft and bearings, the XTB maximizes heat dissipation by deflecting it away from the brake components. This unique airflow design uses fins on the rotor, hub back and calipers to throw dissipated heat into space, not into the brake or shaft. The design also helps draw cooler air around and over the brake. The new, one-piece lightweight rotor pulls cool air into the brake and draws it over the air hoses so they don’t overheat and crack.

Torque rating: 2290 lb-in  – 35,280 lb-in (0.2587 kN-m – 3.986 kN-m)

5H Clutch

The Nexen 5H Tooth Clutch is a flange mounted, air engaged, spring released clutch with a bore range of 0.750-2.500 in.

Torque Range: 1,850-17,430 in-lbs (230-2,030 Nm).

Typical Application: Articulating balancing arms used in automotive, aerospace, medical and assembly.

5HSE Clutch

The Nexen 5HSE Tooth Clutch is a flange mount, spring engaged, air released clutch with a bore range of 0.875-2.188 in. Torque Range: 880-15,000 in-lbs (167-930 Nm). Typical Application: Can be found in the metalworking, fabrication, assembly and automotive industries used on various equipment used as a holding mechanism.

5HP Clutch

The Nexen 5HP Tooth Clutch is a pilot mount, air engaged, spring released clutch with a bore range of 0.500-3.938 in. Torque Range: 1,500-58,600 in-lbs (209-4,080 Nm). Typical Application: Used in the automotive, aerospace, medical and metalworking industries. Typically found on balancing arms and bulk handling equipment.

5HPSE Clutch

The Nexen 5HPSE Tooth Clutch is suitable for failsafe applications in a variety of mechanical settings. It features a bore range of 0.875-3.938 in. This product is a pilot mount, spring engaged, air released clutch.  Torque Range: 880-72,000 in-lbs (167-930 Nm). Typical Application: Can be found on bottler/filler and capper in the food processing industry. Other applications include bulk material handling elevators and bucket conveyors.

Air Engaged Torque Limiters

Air engaged torque limiters are designed to instantly disengage when a machine overload occurs. The trip-torque is easily set, remotely, with an air regulator. The single-position, ball and detent interface assures re-engagement in the same position providing exact timing of two machine components. A proximity sensor detects the overload condition and sends a signal to the air control valve to blocking the air supply to the torque limiter for a quick disconnect.

Torque range: 50 lb-in – 12,000 lb-in

S-Series Shaft Mount Friction Brakes

Split friction facings for easy replacement without brake removal or disassembly. Thru-shaft design can be flange mounted or shaft mounted with a torque pin. Shaft mounted friction brakes are available in inch and metric sizes.

Torque rating: 264 lb-in – 2194 lb-in (29.82 Nm – 248 Nm)


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