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Flexible Couplings

L/AL Jaw Couplings

Lovejoy L and AL type jaw couplings are specially designed coupling products available from Clutch Engineering. AL couplings feature aluminum hubs to achieve a lighter weight and enhanced corrosion protection. The AL Type coupling is made from two hubs and one spider. Lovejoy offers the largest variety of stock bore/keyway combinations in the industry. These jaw couplings require no lubrication and are very reliable under various conditions. AL Type couplings use the same spiders as L Type couplings, except AL150 which has four jaws instead of three. Torque range: 3.5 to 12,500 lb-in (0.4 to 1,412 Nm) Typical applications: Pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, conveyors


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