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Section/Lineshaft Clutches

CB Clutches and Brakes

Available from Clutch Engineering, the Eaton Airflex CB element assembly is useful for integrating with metal forming equipment, printing systems, oil and gas equipment, and rubber processing plants. The product is air-actuated, with an integrated neoprene rubber air tube that provides the necessary clamping force. The torque lever arm is the drum radius, not a reduced radius as occurs in plate clutches. There are friction shoes mounted on the tube's inside diameter, and they engage around a cylindrical drum when in operation. In this design, the neoprene rubber air tube is bonded to the outer steel rim. Airflex constricting elements concentrate the frictional force on the outside drum diameter, which functions to achieve maximum torque. Not only is the force generated at the optimum radius, it is also applied uniformly around the drum circumference. Torque range: 360 to 260,000 lb-in (41 to 29,400 Nm) Typical applications: Metal forming, printing, oil and gas, rubber processing

VC Clutches and Brakes

Available form Clutch Engineering, the Eaton Airflex VC element assembly is often used for grinding mills, marine propulsion systems, and metal forming machinery. This high-quality clutch and brake product is an air-actuated constricting drum unit. The VC's ventilated design and construction allows for the rapid dissipation of heat that can be generated during operation. The torque that the unit experiences is carried by torque bars, and leaf springs function to retract the friction shoes when air pressure is released. Due to this construction, all components are conveniently available as replacement parts when refurbishing the unit. The type VC element assembly is specifically constructed for severe clutch or brake applications. These include applications in which large inertia loads and sustained slippage would otherwise result in a loss of torque and a reduced operating life. Torque range: 27,000 to 3,660,000 lb-in (3,050 to 413,057 Nm) Typical applications: Grinding mills, marine propulsion, metal forming machinery


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