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Air Starters

T100 Turbine Air Starters

T100 air starters are designed and assembled to be heavy-duty, rugged, and reliable, making them great choices for your most critical needs. These air starters feature a maintenance-free design and contain no plastic parts inside. These important qualities are shared with all TDI TurboTwin series air starters. Even with long cranking cycles or contaminated air, there will be almost no effect on T100 series starters. These products are thoroughly enhanced versions of the previous T100M air starter model. As they are only used in single starter applications, T100-MS starter motor assemblies are great for many diesel gas engine applications. Torque range: 70 to 480 lb-ft (94 to 650 Nm) Typical applications: Diesel and gas engines up to 300 liters such as Caterpillar 3412 and G3500 and 3600 series, Cooper Superior 825 series, EMD 567, and Waukesha 9390

TurboStartTwo Turbine Air Starters

For TurboStartTwo air starters, TDI’s vane-less motor design eliminates swelling, freezing, sticking, breaking or wearing of vanes. The TDI TurboStartTwo is an Integral Start System that includes useful features such as a powerful air motor, built-in controls with pre-programmed safeguard logic, and a flow-match relay valve. Additionally this system is equipped with an electric solenoid, an integral muffler, both pilot air control lines/fittings, and a simple plug-in interface to your engine control. The TurboStartTwo even has an emergency manual bypass provision that allows you to start only on air, if the need arises. TDI’s exclusive open air path turbine motor tolerates moisture and contaminants better than other starters. To top everything off, maintenance is made simple by removing the need for starter lubricators. Torque range: Up to 325 lb-ft (440 Nm) Typical applications include: Engines from 20-150 liters such as Caterpillar C32 and Wärtsilä W200

TurboTwister Turbine Air Starters

The TurboTwister air starter is TDI's most rugged, dependable, and versatile air starter. This impressive air starter delivers a commendable weight to power ratio. The TurboTwister produces more power per unit of air than the TurboTwin design, all while having fewer moving parts. The TurboTwister air starter is compatible with a wide range of engines, which can help to reduce your overall inventory. It is contamination and vibration resistant, and this air starter is also better equipped for rough conditions due to a new solenoid design. Pound-for-pound it boasts the title of “most powerful” air starter in the entire industry. As an added benefit, the long-lasting construction of the product will further support your bottom line. Torque range: 102 to 340 lb-ft (136 to 461 Nm) Typical applications include: Engines up to 150 liters


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